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Welcome to Do Essential Oils

Whether you just want to buy essential oils, make money selling dōTERRA or want to learn everything you can about essential oils, you have found the right place.

Uses & Benefits

Looking for more information about a specific product?

Maybe, looking for some fun ways to use the products you have better?

Or perhaps you are just looking for some great Do It Yourself (DIY) projects. Follow the links to expand your knowledge:

Oils & Products

Essential Recipes

DIY Projects

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Parties & Classes

Get a breakdown of how to host a variety of class topics.  From what is hot, to what is seasonal.  Or maybe you have interest in a particular makeover, to teach or just for your own use. Chose a filter, or select them all and pick from the list.

Popular Classes

Makeovers Classes

Seasonal Parties

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Business Training

View some of the tools available to you in aiding to build your business the way you want to build it.

From learning the basics to you achieving your Rank Goals, to becoming a Leader as well as personal development to help you along the way:

Getting Started


Rank Advancement

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Join Our Team

Learn about essential oils as a business.  Or what some of the great incentives are are for being on our team.  Learn of the teams beginning.  Or just educate yourself on CPTG (Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade).

You can also find a consultant on the team near you. Or finally, reach out to us directly for more details on a specific question.

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