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dōTERRA Essential Oils

dōTERRA is a leader in the essential oil market and has revolutionized the aromatherapy industry.  Whether you just want to buy essential oils, make money selling dōTERRA or want to learn everything you can about essential oils in our essential oils guide, you have found the right place for everything essential oils at  Make a choice below and get the most out of life with dōTERRA.


Buying Essential Oils

We sell dōTERRA essential oils directly from our site including all single essential oils and blends offered by dōTERRA. We sell everything at retail and show the wholesale prices by each product, that you can receive by becoming a member.


Making Money With dōTERRA

You can create a great money making business selling dōTERRA essential oils. If you are passionate about essential oils and want to join a great team, you can join the dō team.


Essential Oils Guide

Learn everything about essential oils and their uses. See how to apply Peppermint to cure a headache. See why Lavender is relaxing and how to use it. There are many essential oils offered by dōTERRA and we show you their many uses and benefits.


family pic e1328212385965 282x300My name is Matt Triplett.  I am the owner and admin of and I am an Independent Product Consultant with dōTERRA .  I’m here to help all prospective and current team members with everything ranging from essential oil questions to starting your dōTERRA business. If you are already a member of dōTERRA and not part of our team, please contact your consultant that signed you up or contact dōTERRA directly at 800-411-8151.

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