Cassia Essential Oil

Cassia Essential Oil 225x300

Cassia has anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties that has helped for thousands of year to fight infections of this nature.  It specifically aids the immune system and is very potent.  In fact,  tests with Cassia have not found a virus, bacteria, or fungus that can survive while present.  It’s warm and uplifting aroma boosts the immune system and lowers body temperature due to fever.

The Chinese prescribed Cassia in nearly all treatments historically.  It has been used as a tonic for stomachaches, for a weak heart or for depression.  When combined sparingly with other oils, it enhances the action and activity of those oils.

Steam distilled from bark, Cassia has a sweet, spicy aroma and is sometimes mistaken for Cinnamon.  It should be used with caution because it is much stronger.  When used topically on reflex points, forehead, muscles, and directly on area of concern, dilute 1 drop of oil with 3 drops of fractionated coconut oil.  Because Cassia can irritate mucous membranes, you may need to increase dilution.  Do not use when pregnant and be cautious of skin irritation, and nasal membrane irritation if  inhaled directly.

When used in cooking, Cassia has a similar flavor as cinnamon, but much stronger.  Dilute oil when taking internally, combine 1 drop oil in 2 tsp honey or 120 mL beverage to reduce fever or get relief from body aches and pains due to flu/cold.  Increasing the dilution is recommended to reduce inflammation and irritation to mucous membranes.  Cassia can be used to disinfect living areas to pre-empt the cold/flu season.

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