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Sudden onset of toothache is very painful, unbearable and moreover it can happen anytime. The pain is so hard that you want to get rid of it at the earliest. At such times, clove oil can help you relieve the pain. Clove oil benefits are innumerable, but it is predominantly used for dental care. Though, clove oil for tooth pain is not a treatment that will stop the toothache permanently, it will surely reduce the pain temporarily.

Toothache can be a consequence of bacterial infection, tooth decay, cracked tooth or some infection that has reached the root of your tooth. Clove oil compression helps a person to get immediate relief from the toothache. It is mandatory that you visit a dentist when you suffer from a severe toothache. But you can use clove oil for toothache as a temporary treatment, until you get your dentist’s appointment.

Clove Oil for Tooth Pain
Eugenol is the chief content of the clove oil, which is a natural antibacterial and pain killer. Eugenol has been used since centuries to treat toothaches. Thus, clove oil is also sold with the name “Eugenol”. Clove oil is prepared from the bud of a clove tree, with the process of steam distillation. Clove oil has a number of beneficial properties, that include antiseptic, anti-fungal, carminative, antiviral, germicidal, etc. Dentists have been using clove oil as one of the major ingredient for toothache relieving medications. A mixture of clove oil and zinc oxide has been used widely by dentists, as a temporary filling to calm the toothache. Not just to relieve the toothache, regular use of clove oil can prevent mouth ulcers and plaque. Many toothpastes and mouthwashes contain clove oil, since it has a good aroma.

How to use Clove Oil for Tooth Pain?
Clove oil is easily available at all the pharmacy stores. Thus, you can purchase and keep one bottle with you. The steps to use the clove oil to get rid of the toothache are discussed below:

First prepare a mixture of clove oil and olive oil. To prepare this mixture add 3 pure clove oil drops to one fourth teaspoon of olive oil.  Now, take a small cotton ball and soak it in this mixture.  Before compressing the clove oil, rinse your mouth thoroughly and remove food residue in the mouth, if any  Then take the soaked cotton and place it near the aching tooth. If the aching tooth is one of your back teeth, then hold the cotton between your upper and lower teeth.  Hold the cotton in the position for as much time you can.You will feel a gradual decrease in the pain. Since, toothache can be a result of various reasons, you must visit a dentist immediately to fix the problem.

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  1. I have already heard a lot of good things about using cloves. I am glad to you have shared another benefit that clove oil can do for us. I would definitely like it because I just hate having a toothache and I am willing to try anything just to free myself from toothache! Thanks also for the guide that you provided, very helpful.

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