Cypress Essential Oil

Cypress Essential Oil 225x300

Cypress increases localized blood flow, which soothes tight and tense muscles.  Steam distilled from the branches of the plant, Cypress helps with breathing and can be used as a gargle for the throat.  This oil strengthens, influences, and helps ease feelings of loss and creates the feeling of security and grounding.

This fresh, herbaceous, slightly woody scent can be diffused or inhaled to affect the Cardiovascular System, and Muscles and Bones.  When applied topically, there is no need to dilute and can be applied directly to areas of concern or reflex points.  This oil should not be taken internally and used with caution when pregnant.

When used with lavender, lemon, orange, bergamot, sandalwood, clary sage, or lavender, Cypress creates a synergy between the oils.  Historically, this has been used to restore the body after excessive loss of fluids through perspiration, menstrual flow, or diarrhea.  The Chinese used it to affect the respiratory system and the liver.  The French used it for a myriad of cardiovascular system issues, respiratory issues, and pain related to mensus.

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Cypress Uses and Benefits

baby flu
bed wetting
genital swelling
Lou Gehrig’s disease
lymphatic decongestant
lymphatic system
Raynaud’s disease
revitalize skin
strengthen retina
swollen eyes
throat health
varicose veins



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  1. I have suffered for several years with cold, numb toes that at their worst turn a dark blue/purple color. My Dr. recently diagnosed me with Raynaud’s Disease. Cypress oil has made such a difference in my condition. My husband mixes it with coconut oil and then massages it into my feet and toes every night. My toes look and feel so much better. I was told that this condition is more common in cold weather but that it can be brought about by stress – which would explain why it happens just as often in the summer months. We have started diffusing cypress oil and I feel like it calms my emotions.

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