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Deep Blue is a proprietary, soothing blend using oils that are known to reduce soreness, soothe inflammation, and alleviate pain.  Providing immediate relief for achy joints, and tired or sore muscles, it support healthy circulation by penetrating deep.  This blend is known to affect the Nervous System, and Muscles and Bones.  When combined with Frankincense, it enhances it’s effects, and with Wintergreen, it helps with Bone Pain.

Single Oils in Blend:

  • Wintergreen aids in discomfort from inflammation of bones, joints, and muscles that can be caused by arthritis, tendinitis or rheumatism.
  • Camphor is a natural analgesic, which means it relieves pain, and it is an anti-inflammatory.  It relieves similar issues as Wintergreen and pains, sprains, and bruises.
  • Peppermint has cooling and soothing effects and specifically reduces inflammation to the prostate and damaged tissue.
  • Blue Tansy relieves pain, reduces low blood pressure, and is an anti-inflammatory.
  • German Chamomile has anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties.  In addition, it is an antioxidant and may relieve arthritis and congestion.
  • Helichrysum is such a powerful anti-inflammatory that it may reduce inflammation in the meninges of the brain.  It cleanses the blood, which improve circulatory functions.
  • Osmanthus’ blossoms produce the rarest and most expensive perfumes because they are highly aromatic.  A top traditional flower in China, it reduces phlegm and removes blood stasis.

Deep Blue should be applied to affected muscles or joints either directly or as a compress on the spine.  It can also be applied to the reflex points on the feet.  Because of the potency of this blend, use with caution when pregnant and if you have sensitive skin.  Deep Blue can be diluted with Fractionated Coconut Oil to reduce the sensitivity and help with massage.

Check out the Deep Blue Roll On and the Deep Blue Rub.

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Deep Blue Uses and Benefits

Arthritic pain
Bone pain
Bruised bone
Calcified spine
Chronic pain
Deteriorating spine
Frozen shoulder
General pain
Herniated disc
Joint paint
Muscle stiffness
Tennis elbow
Tissue pain



Deep Blue – Soothing Blend — 15 Comments

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  2. out of all the oils deep blue is my favourite I use it on all my clients being a reflexologist I allmost melt when use this oil my clients have never been so happier and smelt so good on leaveing my rooms thanks doterra I wouldnt be without your oils Debra Stevens reflexologist

  3. I had to have my 5,6,7 vertabra fused and I attribute the very fast healing to using Deep Blue oil and Deep Blue Rub to the healing. I am almost back to my usual self now and have almost no pain in my neck anymore.The doctors are amased at how fast I have healed. I was operated on March 26th.

  4. I have an 8 year old son that has suffered from severe foot/leg pains since he was old enough to tell us it was hurting. He would begin to have tremors in his sleep and then wake up from the pain that was shooting up his leg. We have seen family doctors, orthopedic doctors, MRI’s, and blood work for some kind of answer and solution, but nothing. So, for the past 6 years we have been giving my child pain medicine that resulted in nose bleeds and fatigue. When my friend got involved with Doterra Oils, she gave me some samples, and I fell in love with the oils. I began not only using them on myself, but my family as well. When my son’s leg hurt, I massaged Deep Blue on his leg and foot. It took longer for the oil to work compared to the meds, but it kept him from taking pain meds along with the side affects. The miracle comes after just a few consecutive applications of Deep Blue massages on my son’s leg and foot. We can’t remember the last time his leg has hurt him! I don’t know what Deep Blue oil did to extinguish my child’s pain he has suffered for so long, but it truly has made his life and mine better. Thanks to God, Doterra, and my friend!

  5. I’ve had what I call a “frozen shoulder” for about 10 months now. It doesn’t hurt all the time, but boy howdy, when it flares it is white stars and bend over to catch your breath time. I started using DEEP BLUE in the areas I can reach and receive immediate relief from the spasms that set in after a flare. It changes what I consider to be close to intolerable pain into manageable discomfort. Thank you doTERRA for such an effective blend.

    Stella Shoff

  6. I am new to doTerra, but in the short two weeks I’ve been using the oils, I am in love with Deep Blue (both the oil and the rub). I have neuropathy in my feet from nerve damage in my back and experience frequent pain and spasms in my feet at night. When I use Deep Blue on my feet before going to bed, I do not have any spasms at all during the night. I missed one night, and woke up in the wee hours of the morning with a spasm. I’m a believer. This works!

  7. I bruise VERY easily and my bruises usually take forever to heal. I’ve started using a few drops of deep blue and lightly applying to my bruises and they seem to disappear much quicker.

  8. The ancient wisdom of Ayurveda & scientific research acknowledges, that the root of all disease is low digestive fire(agni)To eliminate disease & create or enhance health we need to have strong Agni.
    My friend & I had discomfort after eating a heavy, oily meal.After trying the Do Terra oil Digest Zen, we were amazed at the immediate response.
    We experienced movement & sounds in the abdominal region & felt light, clear & energetic.We digested the whole meal & slept soundly.We woke the next day feeling light & fresh. Eternally Grateful, Linda

  9. The ways this oil helps my family are many. I use it on my kids for growing pains. Headache? Gone. My husband has an old swimming injury from high school and deep blue is actually the oil that convinced him these are not “snake oils” but really do work! When he first started using the deep blue, he would use it about twice weekly. Now, eight months later, he only has to use it about twice a month. I love that this oil not only help with the pain but facilitate healing in the body too!

  10. My mother’s sleep is always distubed from pain in her arm and hand. She always has to get up move around and wait about an hour for the pain to start going away. She says many times she just feels like crying. I got a sample of the Deep Blue for myself but gave it to her. I told her as soon as she wakes up to put it on immediately. She did and in just a few minutes she went back to sleep. The next a.m. she woke with the paln again and did the same thing. This time it took a little longer to go away but it did go away. The third
    a.m she woke with no pain. She does’nt remember the last she woke with no pain.

    Thank you so very much!
    Cyndi Bliss

  11. Deep blue was like a miracle if I can make a video I would. I’m a woman with horrible heel spurs in both feet. My first party at Doterra I definitely was not a believer. The hostess encouraged me to ‘just try” the deep blue oil which I applied on both heel spurs. They have been inflamed for YEARS and I cant wear a shoe with a strap around the ankle area. Well after driving home and forgetting I had applied it I went to take a bath and when I looked down and my heels the swelling was completely gone! The next morning I didnt walk like a 90 year old (which i do for my first few steps in the morning) and it has stayed that way for three weeks! AMAZING!!!!!

  12. My daughter sprained her back a few years ago breaking up a dog fight. She goes for periods feeling fine, but since March of this year she has experienced back spasms. We went to a doTERRA meeting on December 1, 2012 & her back was spasming. We were given some Deep Blue to rub on her back & within minutes she was fine. She got up in the morning & it ached some but after moving around she felt fine! Thank you doTERRA for Digestzen, Breathe & Deep Blue! We are looking forward to using more of the oils after we receive our qualifying kit!

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