Frankincense Essential Oil

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This ancient oil, highly sought after and highly versatile, Frankincense’s rich, deep, warm, balsamic scent affects not only Emotional Balance, but Immune and Nervous Systems, and the Skin.  Steam distilled from gum/resin, Frankincense aids in relaxation, mood enhancement, immune support, promotes cellular health and reduces the appearance of scars, including stretch marks..

Frankincense has been used as a holy oil historically in the Middle East.  Used in sacrificial ceremonies, it was intended to help improve communication with the creator.  In France, it has been used to help with ulcers, asthma, and depression.  When used with any other oil, it enhances their effective properties.

When diffused, it’s sweet and incense-like overtones aroma helps to focus energy, improve concentration, and minimize distractions.  It moderates irritability, hyperactivity, impatience, and restlessness, and can aid in meditation and spiritual awareness.  Because of the mildness of this oil, it can be applied directly to affected areas or reflex points.  When taking internally, put two drops under the tongue, one drop oil in 1 tsp honey, 120 mL of water, or take in a capsule.

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Frankincense Uses and Benefits

after miscarriage
blood brain barrier
bone cancer
brain cancer
brain injury
carpal tunnel syndrome
cervical cancer
dog arthritis
dog stroke
duodenal ulcer
genital warts
improve vision
infected wounds
liver cancer
Lung Cancer
mental fatigue
Multiple Sclerosis
nasal polyp
nerve virus
oxygen respiratory
pineal gland
pituitary gland
pituitary gland oxygen
pregnancy newborn
Prostate Cancer
severe cough
throat cancer
uterus (maintaining)
uterus regeneration



Frankincense Essential Oil — 10 Comments

  1. For nearly 30 years, I have suffered from horrific hive. Not little itchies, but massive, go into anaphylaxis shock and die type hives that covered my entire body. One doctor said he oukdnt believe I was till conscious because my “lips are five inches from you chin.” I was pumped full of steroids for two decades. Five years ago, they started using the same autoimmune supprssors they give kidney transplant patients. It’s been awful. Last fall, it was determined I was allergic to the dental implant I received after a terrible car accident. They were removed and replaced with 100% porcelain. But the doctor said my immune system may be so damaged, I may not recover. I started using lavender, frankincense, myrrh, zendichrine, the vitamins, melaleuca, on guard, clove, ylang ylang, and peppermint. After nearly 30 years, the hives are gone and I’m starting to decrease the immune supprssors!!! This is a miracle! Many times, I thought I was going to die. The torture was unbearable. The relief these oils bring me – not to mention the detoxing! – is far superior to any medicine I have ever taken. Thank you for saving my life and my quality of life!

  2. I use Frankincense morning and night. One drop under my tongue. It has helped me in so many ways. It assists in stabilizing my moods, helps me stay focused and positive. I have a growth on my pineal gland, and I use Frankincense regularly as a preventative.

    Stella Shoff
    IPC 183669

    • Hi,
      I also have a cyst on my pineal a started ingested Frankicense oil 2 days. My body has responded with a very stiff neck and pressure going into my head. Did you experience something similar when you first took the oil? Also curious if you have had a scan of your brain since?

  3. Frankincense… takes me to the centre of my heart… my life becomes so busy… so much to do so much to take me away from the importance of who I am… I put Frankincense on my temple and sit quietly after I finish work… and it brings me back to my heart… my stillness… who I am really am.

  4. I love this oil! I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis when I was 20 years old in 2003. I am married now and have three very active children so when I had a serious exacerbation in December 2011 that made my left side completely useless, I was devastated. I followed the recommendation for IV steroids from my neurologist but saw absolutely no improvement. Then a friend recommended Frankincense rubbed up my spine 3 times a day and I have been using it every since. Two days after starting Frankincense and Immortelle up my spine as well as taking the Life Long Vitality and I was able to put my cane away and haven’t picked it up again. Everyone needs this oil. Not just those with chronic diseases. It’s anti-inflammatory properties are amazing alone. I will never again be without it.

  5. My 3-year-old daughter was diagnosed with MRSA about 18 months ago. It started as one boil in the middle of her back. We took her to our pediatrician, who lanced it and had it cultured. When it came back positive for MRSA, she explained that MRSA is very prevalent in the community, and other than taking the usual precautions (regular hand washing, washing clothing in hot water, cleaning, etc…) there was little we could do to prevent it from returning or spreading. How frustrating! After months and months of recurring infections, and two other family members becoming infected, I had become completely fed up!
    I decided to become a doTERRA IPC after weeks of researching homeopathic treatments for MRSA. I did extensive research on the use of essential oils in the treatment and prevention of MRSA. I came across many “recipes” for using the oils.
    About two months ago, I created a blend of Oregano, Frankinscence and OnGuard, diluted with Fractionated Coconut Oil. I applied this blend to the bottoms of the feet of every member of our household daily for two weeks. Now I apply it every couple of days (or whenever I think to do it). No one in the family has had a MRSA infection since we started using these oils. I am cautiously optimistic (but thrilled) that I seem to have found a prevention. What a relief to find something that actually works when “Modern Medicine” cant!

    • Wow, I’m glad I found this. MRSA does go around and my daughter has gotten it when she was almost 2yo and of course I got it cause she slept with me. That was the worst, and thankfully we haven’t gotten it again. But if we do I know what to use! Thanks.

  6. I was diagnosed with ANCA. Inflammation inside of my body and low white cells. My kneeswould hurt and my left arm. I heard about essential oils by doterra at our local library. As soon as I heard how Frankinscence helps inflammation. I knew God had given me the answer. I joined doterra and became a consultant. I take Frankinscence and peppermint everyday. I use to able to walk for a very short distance. Now I feel the difference where I can walk farther with no pain. I plan to purchase the vitamins now.

  7. I am trying to get info on frankincense essential oil and how to use it daily for glaucoma and arthritis. I have purchased a bottle which came without any instructions and/or description.

    • When using Frankincense for Arthritis you dilute as recommended, and apply on location. Apply as a warm compress over affected area. Dilute 1-2 drops in 1 Tbs.factionated coconut oil, and use a massage oil. Add 1-2 drops to 1/4 cup Therapeutic Bath Salt, and dissolve in warm bathwater for a soaking bath. You can also diffuse into the air.

      Hope that can help!

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