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When in doubt, use Lavender.  This is a common belief with those that have studied essential oils and their benefits.  Affecting the Cardiovascular System, Emotional Balance, Nervous System, and Skin, Lavender has such a variety of properties, it can identify multiple areas where there is a need and create an overall balance within the body.  Steam distilled from the flowering top of the plant, this oil is widely used for its calming and relaxing qualities.  It is most commonly used to treat skin irritations and to help heal, and to calm muscle tension throughout the body and headaches.

This oil has been used for thousands of years, sometimes for love – and sometimes as an aphrodisiac.  It is used to treat many issues in France like mouth abscess, premenstrual conditions, water retention, diaper rash, dandruff, leg cramps, acne, etc.  When combined with other oils, such as clary sage, geranium, and other citrus oils, Lavender acts as an enhancer to increase their effects and can work in harmony with other oils.

The unmistakable floral, sweet scent has herbaceous, balsamic, and woody undertones.  It can be diffused to promote a general sense of well-being and nurture creativity.  When taken internally, one drop of Lavender should be added to 1 tsp honey or 4 oz of beverage (soy/rice milk) or take in a capsule.  It is most commonly applied topically directly to the affected area or to reflex points.

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Lavender Uses and Benefits

animal parasites
baby fever
baby insomnia
baby rashes
baby teeth grinding
bug itch
burn pain
burns (first degree)
chemical stress
chicken pox
child hair
Colon Cancer
cut cleaning
depression sedative
diabetes sores
diaper rash
dog sleep
early labor
foot blister
genital inflammation
gnat bite
hay fever
lip blister
loss of appetite
lymphatic waste
mental stress
midge bite
mosquito bite
muscular paralysis
pain (general)
parasympathetic nervous system
peeling burn
poor concentration
post labor
pregnancy breasts
pregnancy delivery
seizure convulsions
sensitive skin
skin ulcers
Sleep Apnea
stomach gas
stretch marks
tick bite
tissue scarring
work addiction



Lavender Essential Oil — 24 Comments

  1. For nearly 30 years, I have suffered from horrific hive. Not little itchies, but massive, go into anaphylaxis shock and die type hives that covered my entire body. One doctor said he oukdnt believe I was till conscious because my “lips are five inches from you chin.” I was pumped full of steroids for two decades. Five years ago, they started using the same autoimmune supprssors they give kidney transplant patients. It’s been awful. Last fall, it was determined I was allergic to the dental implant I received after a terrible car accident. They were removed and replaced with 100% porcelain. But the doctor said my immune system may be so damaged, I may not recover. I started using lavender, frankincense, myrrh, zendichrine, the vitamins, melaleuca, on guard, clove, ylang ylang, and peppermint. After nearly 30 years, the hives are gone and I’m starting to decrease the immune supprssors!!! This is a miracle! Many times, I thought I was going to die. The torture was unbearable. The relief these oils bring me – not to mention the detoxing! – is far superior to any medicine I have ever taken. Thank you for saving my life and my quality of life!

  2. My 7yr old is being treated for anxiety. Every little thing has the potential to stress her out. She went away to a three day camp with her older sister. When she returned she had a horrible rash covering her chest and back. It was red, raised, itchy and starting to spread. Of course she gets very stressed out by just the thought of going to the doctor or my putting anything on it. She was hysterical and in tears. I had just received some doterra lavander oil and had been using it in a diffuser in her room. I convinced her to let me apply it to the rash. It took three days, twice a day. The first night the rash was no longer spreading and the redness was gone. On the third day, there was nothing else. Even though she doesn’t “need” it anymore, I have noticed the calming effect it has on her. We have stopped her anxiety meds and she asks for her “special oil” every day. I am so thankful to have my daughter back.

  3. I stuck my little finger into a HOT fish fryer as we were cooking fish. It took me 20 minutes to get to my lavender oil. Even though it was almost purple, it didnt even blister! I carry lavender oil at all times!!

  4. Lavender has helped so many things from my husband’s sleepless nights to one daughter’s sunburn. The first time we put it on, the sting was gone. Another daughter was severely burned when fireworks exploded in her lap, from another person’s bad choice (long story). We used lavender and peppermint and experienced quick healing and no infection.

  5. I LOVE LAVENDER! It is the most versatile oil in my collection. One whiff and I experience a showering of peaceful calm. I’ve used it on cuts, burns, and bug bites; but the greatest benefit is the relaxing, calming effect it has on my anxiety, depression, and fear. It works really fast, too.

    Stella Shoff

  6. I am new to essential oils and have only tired a few. Lavender is one of them. I was originally sent sample because I was having a baby and a friend told me these are a MUST for recovery. Well things happened and I ended up not being able to use them for recovery, so I just had them in my bathroom. Then one day I had a clogged duct and couldnt unclogg it. My baby was screaming and I was in pain. I could not get him to eat! If you are a mother, most of you can relate that having a screaming baby and nothing you do works, is the WORST feeling ever. So I got lavender out and put it on my clogged duct. I thought my baby might be annoyed by the smell but he immediately calmed down, the pain was soothed, and he was able to nurse just fine!!! I used it every feeding after that until it was unclogged. LOVE LAVENDER!

  7. I have been using the lavender oil for my daughter for over a year, and it still works every time. Great product and worth every penny. I have turned a few friends onto it as well and the all love it. thanks doterra for your wonderful products

  8. I am a new doterra user and lavender is one of my favorite oils! I am allergic to nickel and so I pretty much always have a rash on my stomach because of my belt and jeans. I used lavender on the rash and now it’s almost gone. I also got a huge burn on my arm from a hot pan and used lavender on it. The blisters were smooth after using it for a full day and now it is half the size and doesn’t hurt at all. I also love the smell. Lavender is amazing!!

  9. I have my 2 defusers on a timer!

    I come home from a long day and enter my home which has lavender wafting through as I enter and also in my bedroom…. ahhhh… I arrive home to tranquility and bliss! What a difference that makes!

  10. I have 6 kids so you can only imange what it is like to get them all to bed. My youngest boy is non stop all day then gets super whiny and so tonight I thought what do I have to lose so I gave him a warm bath and put lavendar baby lotion all over his body then I put a drop and rubbed it around on his pillow and he is alseep the first time in a long time before 2 am.

  11. What don’t I use Lavendar on? It is my go to oil! I even use it as deoderant— yep! I smell great all day! I used it on my baby’s baby acne. I use it on anything skin related that needs a little boost for healing!

  12. I have used lavender as both in my disinfecting spray, my floor cleaner, my mattress cleaner, and as a calming agent. I love it!!!

  13. Between suffering from night sweats and the recent loss of my Mom, I had not been having much peaceful sleep if any sleep at all. Since I started rubbing Lavender on the bottoms of my feet at bedtime and using it in my diffuser, I have found that it helps my body to relax and enter a deep sleep.

  14. I have been using 1-2 drops of lavender oil in my brownies (homemade or from a box) something about the combination of chocolate and the light hint of lavender is just DELICIOUS!

  15. What an amazingly diverse oil Lavender is! My 3 year old son burned his hand on the stove, I put a couple drops of lavender on it and never heard another thing about his hand hurting. My 5 year old currently has an ear infection so I put Lavender and Melaleuca around her ear and on her feet. It is already doing better! I use Lavender to help me sleep. Just a drop on each foot then brush my hands across the pillow and I’m out. Every house needs Lavender essential oil by doTERRA. It is amazing.

  16. My daughter Cari suffers from terrible cystic acne and I had not been able to purchase the clear skin set yet, so I put lavender oil on her acne because she said her face hurt. Well, at the approximately the same time she was having an emotional meltdown because she had not been taking her prozac and had a huge catfight with her sister. In an hour, she had calmed down. By the next morning, her face no longer hurt and the acne visbly looked much better. And on top of that, Cari was so happy and just wanted more lavender for her acne. We were thrilled with both of the positive results.

  17. I have four children 3 of which are really good sleepers and I do not really have a problem with getting to go to bed at night. However, my youngest child fights sleep like crazy. He was a really good sleeper as a baby, would go to sleep by himself in his bed and sleep all night from the day we brought him home. I do not know what has happened the older he get but I struggle to get him to sleep. he will not stay in his own bed fights sleep for hours at a time. I learned about the doTERRA oils and started using the lavendar on him at night. Now the 2 hours battle is over in 5 minutes and I can get some mom time in before I head to bed with out having to take my little one to bed with me and trying to transfer him to his own bed after he falls asleep.
    I can not believe how quickly it works and best of all it’s safe and natural so I feel comfortable using it on my child even in the middle of the night if he wakes and fights sleep. thank you doTERRA for giving me back my child that slept so well.

  18. we are just starting to get into oils and my baby girl has a fever of 103. were do i put the oil to help her fever come down?

    • For high fever Peppermint and/or Lavender is recommended for children. Dilute 1-2 drops in 2tbs fractionated coconut oil. and massage a small amount on neck, feet, behind ears, and on the back.
      With the peppermint you can diffuse into the air.
      Hope it answers your question! :)

  19. After struggling with crippling pain for months I resigned myself to the realization that I would be prescription dependent for the rest of my life. Many of the drugs that my doctor prescribed were ineffective against my pain. In desperation one night, after a really tough day, I decided to try adding lavender to my pain relief regimen. I am so grateful, because for the first time in months I was able to truly rest, the lavender did something wonderful!!

    I love DoTerra essential oils!

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