Melissa Oil for Cold Sores

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Also known as the Lemon balm, Melissa Essential Oil is one of the popular essential oil of all time. In fact even the first Carmelite nuns and ancient physicians have used this oil because of its innumerable health benefits. No wonder it has been nick named also as the “Elixir of Life”.

The antidepressant properties of Melissa are legendary. It has been used, and still being used, as an aid for melancholy, stress and depression. It relieves the mind and the body through total relaxation, making it the primary choice among the many essential oils.

Melissa oil is also both anti spasmodic and anti hypotensive. As such, it can help in the prevention of the spasm of the muscle, intestine and even the urinary bladder. This is because Melissa oil maybe use for making smooth contractions of our muscles. Hypotension is characterized by fainting, weakness and nausea. Its anti-hypotensive properties will help anyone suffering from this condition.

Bacteria caused skin problems and infections are easily cured by Melissa oil. With its very potent bactericidal properties, it can be used even for cold sores or herpes simplex. Although it is non toxic, it should not be used sparingly just like with any essential oil. It could cause sensitization of the skin and should be avoided all though out pregnancy and by people with very sensitive skin.

As a sudorific and diaphoretic, it helps in stimulating the sweat glands to produce more sweats. Thus making it the ideal oil for those who has fever or would like to lose a little weight. A drop of it makes a good tonic. This has been practiced even in ancient times, as a means to restore health, tone and invigorate the well-being and health of the person. Nowadays tonics with Melissa oil is used for the same purpose and more so as a toner for a healthier and more beautiful body.

When one is overly stressed, Melissa essential oil is the oil of choice due to its sedative properties. It can help calm the nerves and produce a calming effect.

Undeniably, the most important contribution of herbal medicines in the field of health is the holistic approach of healing both the body and the mind. Melissa essential oil is one such useful essential oil as its nervine property helps strengthen the nervous system and calms both the body and the spirit of the person.


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