PastTense – Tension Blend

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PastTense is specifically designed to reduce the discomforts of stress and tension, targeting the neck and head.  It also provides a calming property.

Singles Oils in Blend:

  • Wintergreen helps with pain in muscles and bones.
  • Lavender aids in reducing tension and migraine headaches.
  • Peppermint cools the skin and relieves headaches.
  • Frankincense reduces high blood pressure and inflammation that can cause headaches.
  • Cilantro stimulates the circulatory system and alleviates aches, pain and stiffness.
  • Roman Chamomile soothes nerves.
  • Marjoram increases blood flow and has a sedating effect.
  • Basil alleviates spasms in deep muscles and relieves pains and muscles aches.
  • Rosemary reduces congestion and infection that can cause sinus headaches.

Through the properties of all these specific oils, PastTense affects the Muscles and Bones, and the Nervous System reducing signs of stress and tension.  It can be applied directly across the forehead, temples, and the back of the neck.  It has also been effective when applied to the reflex points on the feet and hands.  Use with caution because it can create skin sensitive.  When pregnant, use with caution.

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PastTense Uses and Benefits

Headaches: Migraine Headache
Headaches: Tension Headache



PastTense – Tension Blend — 6 Comments

  1. I am interested in the Past Tense Oil Blend. My daughter gets stress headaches. I noticed that the application is a roll-on bottle. Where do you apply it? How often? And When?
    Thank you,

  2. For many years I suffered “the agonies of the doomed” with migraines and other headaches.Sometimes I was out of it for days on end. I took more and more and stronger and stronger painkillers, until my kidneys nearly failed. I was at my wits end ! To cut a long story short, I now use Past Tense roll on, on the back of my neck and on my forehead, being careful not to get it in my eyes.I’m so grateful for this amazing oil blend, it has given me back my quality of life.I use lots of oils and I love them all but this one is my favourite by far ! I never leave home without it !

  3. I have suffered from severe headaches and most recently migraines. The headaches have been going on for years. In 2006, my family and I were in a terrible car accident where I was thrown from the vehicle at 70 miles an hour and landed on the interstate. I had a fractured face and back. The whiplash was terrible as well. I have taken so many different “prescriptions”, but they would only help for so long. I just recently started this oil and it is AMAZING. I work for the airline industry and I have to lift heavy things; so I bring the oil with me to work and apply it to the back of my neck and my upper muscles. It is the best thing I have tried so far. I never want to run out of this oil!

  4. I recently was turned on to doTerra, Deep Blue and Past Tense for hip and back issues. I have had major back surgery and will be getting a hip replacement soon. Using Deep Blue and Past tense has really helped relive my
    hip pain and back spasms. I can’t say enough about this product. I’m so pleased and AMAZED !!!

  5. I love PastTense it really seems to help lift my mood and relieve my regular occuring headaches.

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