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dōTERRA Business Opportunity

Become a doTERRA distributor (also called Wellness Advocate or Independent Product Consultant) and receive a 25% discount on all doTERRA products. With a minimum startup order of $35 you can become a consultant today and begin saving and making money. We explain the great business opportunity and how to make money with all the amazing bonuses offered by doTERRA listed below:

  • 25% discount on all retail prices
  • Free product purchase credits using
  • Loyalty Rewards Program
  • Receive generous bonuses when sponsoring new consultants, including the Fast Start Bonus, Power of 3 Bonus, and Unilevel Bonus.

Join the Do Essential Oils team and take advantage of our site by receiving referrals from our #1 Google ranking. We also feature all the consultants on our team on our Find A Local Consultant map to help you get more referrals.


Becoming a doTERRA Wellness Advocate
doTERRA Loyalty Rewards Bonus

Once you have enjoyed the benefits of essential oils you will want to share them with everyone you know. Take advantage of this great opportunity to share something you believe in and make a great business at the same time. Follow these simple steps and let us help you make money with doTERRA:

Step #1 Become A doTERRA Independent Product Consultant

Signing Up

You must begin by signing up as a doTERRA Wellness Advocate. You will placed under a consultant in your local area. If there isn’t a consultant in your area, you will be lucky enough to become the team representative in your area and will be able to enjoy the benefits of receiving all the referrals from your area.

Startup Order

You must purchase an enrollment kit to become a consultant.

Premium essential oils enrollment kit

The minimum enrollment kit is the Introductory Packet for $35. We recommend the Premium Essentials Oils Enrollment Kit for $515.00, because it includes a diffuser, box, and materials to share.

Step #2 Retail Profits – 25% Discount

Selling Essential Oils

retail profitAs an Independent Product Consultant, you will receive the difference between your customers’ retail and preferred customer purchases and your consultant wholesale prices. Your Independent Product Consultant retail profit is 25% of retail sales and 10-25% of preferred customer sales.

Step #3 Loyalty Rewards

Loyalty Rewards

doTERRA’s Loyalty Rewards Program provides free product credits for monthly purchases ordered on the program. As a participant in the Loyalty Rewards Program, you will immediately begin to earn product credits that can be used as cash to purchase doTERRA product. The longer you participate in the Loyalty Rewards Program, the more credits you can earn—up to 30% of your total monthly LRP purchases!

loyalty rewards discount program

Fast Start Bonus

fast start bonusThe Fast Start bonus is designed to provide you, as an enrolling sponsor, immediate rewards for enrolling new IPC’s into your business organization by paying 20% on purchases and sales made within the new IPC’s first 60 days. This bonus is paid weekly and applies three generations deep for the new enrollee’s first 60 days (see graphic). A personal autoship order of 100PV or more is required to be eligible for this bonus.




Power of 3 Team Bonus

$1500 downline bonusdoTERRA’s Power of 3™ Team Bonus is designed to provide generous bonuses to consultants who properly structure their organizations. There are three stages to this bonus which will be paid out each month as long as the required structure is maintained. To qualify for the first bonus, you must be a participant in doTERRA’s Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP) with a monthly order of at least a 100 PV. Each month you have three first-level consultants who also have a Loyalty Rewards order of at least 100 PV, you will receive a $50 bonus in addition to your retail and Fast Start bonuses and other commissions. To qualify for the $50 bonus, you must also have a Team Volume (defined as your PV and the combined PV of all your first-level consultants) of at least 600 PV. To qualify for the second Power of 3 bonus of $250 ($500 during pre-launch phase of operations), simply help three consultants on your first level qualify for the $50 bonus themselves. To qualify for the third Power of 3 bonus, help three consultants on your first level qualify for the $250 bonus and you will receive $1,500 every month your team structure remains in place!

Step #4 Expand Your Team

Anyone that signs up with the Do Essential Oils team is eligible to list their name on our Find A Local Consultant Page. This is a great feature to help people find local consultants like and to give you more referrals. Consultants must be a 100 PV Loyalty Rewards in place and actively working on their business to participate.

Host A Party

It is important to create a strong base team to begin your doTERRA business. The best way to do this is to invite your friends, family, coworkers and anyone that would be interested over to experience the amazing qualities of doTERRA essential oils. We have a introductory power point presentation below that you can use for hosting a party. We also have doTERRA experts that we can send to any part of the country to run a party for you. All it takes for our experts to come out is to have a verified location and confirmed minimum of 25 guests attending.


Contact your sponsor with any questions or concerns. Your sponsor is who signed you up and wants you to succeed. You can contact us here with any questions also and we will do our best to help you create your doTERRA business.