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Find A Local Distributor Leader

Welcome to the Do Essential Oils Leader map. Please search for a dōTERRA Wellness Advocate leader in your area. Our leaders are happy to answer your concerns, questions or get you enrolled on a team. While this map is not comprehensive of all our team, it does showcase those top leader who have a great knowledge of doTERRA as a company and also it's products and practices. You will be in good hands with them. Additionally, consult our events map to see if there are any corporate events coming to your specific area.

And if we don't have a Wellness Advocate in your exact city, don't worry. Many of our leaders work with others not in their exact geographical location and find success in this way. Or better yet, join our team, and become a leader yourself and get your own name on our map.

Have questions? See details below. If you just want to sign up, click the button


We want to help you find a Wellness Advocate in your area that will be able to guide you in whatever path you looking for. This map features our leaders who have created teams in their town and surrounding area. They are on the map because they have shown their worth by helping others understand essential oils and reach their goals. If you cannot find a leader in your immediate area, contact the closest one to you and ask if they have any team members in your area that can help you. They are more than willing to help you with anything you need.

Just want to buy some oils?

Not a problem. The first person you should contact is Shea Tanner. She handles all of our customer service needs. You can reach her at (801)382-8281 or at

Looking to enroll?

If you are looking to become a Wellness Advocate, please contact Carter Boyce by email at

Would you like to be on our map?

This map is a great tool to help drive your business. You must be enrolled on the Do Essential Oils team, are Elite or higher and have at least 100 PV LRP. If you aren't Elite, and want to be on this map, we can work with to get there. If you have any questions, please contact our team mentor Bonnie White at or (801)449-0217.