Welcome to dōTERRA!

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We are grateful you have decided to join dōTERRA and join our Doterra-essential-oils.com Team.  My name is Matt Triplett and I am your enrolling sponsor with dōTERRA.

This is the first e-mail in the Consultant Training Guide to help you get started.  By now, you should have enrolled with dōTERRA and be receiving your enrollment kit soon.  If you haven’t, please check out the dōTERRA Business Opportunity Page to learn how to join our team and get started with dōTERRA today.

I Am Your Enrolling Sponsor – Call Me Anytime

I will be giving you a call over the next couple days to help you get started.  Please feel free to call or e-mail me anytime with any questions about anything.  I am here to help.

Please reply to this e-mail to let me know a good time you will be able to talk on the phone.

Here are a few quick resources to help you get started

Your virtual office:  www.mydoterra.com (Your ID & Password required)
dōTERRA’s customer service: 1-800-411-8151 or service@doterra.com
Matt Triplett’s phone number: 1-801-382-8281
Matt Triplett’s e-mail:  matt@do-essential-oils.com

dōTERRA Intro Video

dōTERRA Testimonial – Lacey’s Story


Thank you for joining dōTERRA.  I hope you receive as much from the oils and business opportunity as I have.  They can truly change your life.  I also hope we can create a lasting relationship that benefits both of us for years to come, I’ll talk to you soon.

Best Wishes,

Matt & Alicia Triplett
Gold Consultant IPC # 92278